Day 2 – Humble Pie

Well, it has been very cold and windy with blowing snow and from reports, slippery road conditions. Still being sick with this nasty bug, I got to stay in and watch if through the window.

Illness. There are those who believe that we create our own reality. That what we think and feel today creates our tomorrow(s). I’ve been thinking about that a lot the past few days as I wonder “why me?” when I’m coughing, trying not to throw up, holding a pillow or something to my ribs because they ache so bad from all the coughing. With all the time on my hands my retrospective leads me to believe they may really have something.

The two weeks before Christmas I went without proper sleep trying to finish Christmas projects, I didn’t take time to prepare healthy meals, but rather resorted to quick foods (yes, often prepackaged) and took many shortcuts that are not healthful. I gave in to the stress of “holiday” time and did all the things I warn my clients against. Too little sleep; fast foods; too much coffee & not enough water; etc.

Perhaps being a health care professional I believed, deep-down, that I was immune? Maybe I just didn’t believe it would “get me”? I’m not sure what the rationale was but the lesson was well taught…I am not immune. I am subject to all the same health variables and risks that my clients are. From here on in I must take the advice I dish out.

I am really glad now that I have some wonderful butterscotch sauce to put on my humble pie 😉

As I begin my recovery back to the world of the healthy, I’m going to look at some of the things we do (yes, we…I know I’m not alone in this) that actually sabotage our efforts at being healthy. Perhaps we’ll be able to look at some of the excuses we make and who knows…maybe we’ll even get at some of the core issues that keep us from truly embracing health.


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One Response to Day 2 – Humble Pie

  1. Megan Seelye says:

    Every time I got sick as a teen and young adult, you would tell me if I didn’t take time to rest, then I would b forced to rest. I hope you feel better soon and good luck on keeping the blog going. XOXO

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