Day 3: What do you do when you’re sick?

Well, usually I try to keep going. When I’m too sick to do that, I retreat to bed…but…when you cough when you lay down that gets old real fast. So, instead, I’ve been lounging on the love seat, knitting, while the TV runs in the background (countless repeats for the most part).

However, today I watched a new commercial (well, perhaps it’s only new to me) about some “white strips” to whiten your teeth “just like the dentist does”. The commercial actually stated that the chemicals go under (or maybe it was through) your enamel to whiten your teeth!

Wow! For over 40 years I’ve been told that you need to protect your tooth enamel at all costs because it is irreplaceable. So, how can anyone sell a product that goes through your tooth enamel? How can a product go through your tooth enamel to whiten your teeth without damaging the enamel? Doesn’t that seem like it’s bound to create huge dental problems down the road?

Do the CEO’s of this company have stock in the companies that make all the dental tools and supplies that’ll be needed to repair teeth that have damaged enamel? In thinking about this I had to think about the price of fillings, a “crown” the last I knew was right around $1,000 and the dentist damages the teeth next to the bad one in order to attach the crown! What kind of treatment is that? Damage (actually, destroy) two perfectly good teeth in the name of saving one bad one? That just doesn’t seem right to me. And up the ladder in price are “partials”, “implants” and dentures…

How white do you need your teeth to be? According to the worlds artists, the rule of thumb in portraiture is that the teeth and the whites of the eyes should match. I’m thinking that before any of us run out and put this bleaching agent in our mouths, perhaps we should look in the mirror and see if our teeth and the whites of our eyes match. If they do….perhaps forego the potential for permanent damage to your teeth. (And what the tissues in your mouth are absorbing of those chemicals and the impact that has on your liver and such is…well, very long and will be in a later post.)

Any thoughts? Any true knowledge? Any valid answers to my questions? Anyone out there with some comments, please feel free to leave your feedback. Just remember to keep it “clean” and tasteful. This blog is about being healthy, finding roads that bring us to health, and sharing the knowledge and experience we have. Thanks.


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