1-13-2012 Friday – yes, Friday the 13th!

Where did old saying about Friday the 13th being bad luck come from? This has always been a very lucky day for me. For instance, today I got snowfall (I love snow) and I got to have two of my grandchildren for the day (snow day). We had a great time together, I’m over my cold (see earlier posts) and it was just a good day all around.

That, however, brings me to the idea of adding a new “category” to this blog…..superstitions. I think I remember more of those than I do home remedies. So, to anyone who ends up here, reading my blog, please feel free to add –

– home remedies

– superstitions

Thanks, and of course, you can always comment on the health and massage posts too.


About EssentialTouchHastings

Massage Therapist Level I Ama-Deus Practitioner
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