1/17/2012 – So Much Info

It seems like everyone and their brother (or sister) has something to say about what’s healthy and what isn’t. Having read a lot of books on the subject, I have to say, I may still have more questions than answers.

Those written by “M.D.”s seem to be the most accurate, I mean, after all, they went to medical school, right? But then there are also those in print that were written by someone who has been healed of some ailment (overweight, underweight, depression, anxiety, etc.) which makes it seem like if it worked for them it should work for me (or you)…right?

Well, that led me to ponder “how do we know what we know?” and “by what criteria do we accept that someone is ‘an expert‘?” I’ve answered those questions for myself, but thought perhaps anyone reading this might like to think about those same questions. After all, I’m usually pretty thorough, but I have to admit that I don’t check the credentials of many of the authors I read.

I have personally tried the information in several books over the past few years…those that were successful for me follow:

Reversing Heart Disease

I read this and the next book both to help my dad. The techniques and information are very similar. Both books are excellent and have enough differences to make them both worth reading.

Reversing Diabetes

Reversing Diabetes (by Whitaker not Ornish)


An excellent book. If you have limited knowledge about how your body really works, this book is for you. It isn’t graphic (like anatomy and physiology books so there’s no gross-out factor) but it has excellent descriptions that show you what you need to know about your own body.


Another valuable book with practical information.

I hope these few suggestions will lead you in a quest for further knowledge about how your body works. That in turn will lead you to make informed decisions on how you care for your body.



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