“Normal”…what does THAT feel like?

Well, it appears that when I’m healthy, I get too busy to keep up with blogging….that’s not going to bet a large readership, is it 😉 At any rate, now that I’m healthy again, I’ve been cleaning out my emails (some 3000+ emails cleaned out this morning) and I’ve found some jewels hidden amongst the stuff I could part with…

The Overwhelming Evidence of the Healing Power of Food

THERE ARE NO STUDIES that prove the benefits of nutritional or integrative therapies … It’s a refrain that I hear time and time again. And I hear it from my colleagues. But they couldn’t be more wrong! They just have not done their homework — or perhaps they are reading the wrong medical journals. One of my favorite medical journals is the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” which every month publishes more than 300 pages of research with NO ADVERTISING. This is very unlike my other medical journals — such as the “Journal of the American Medical Association” or “The New England Journal of Medicine” — which have pages and pages of color glossy drug ads. So today, I thought I would take you on a journey through just one issue of the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” to see just how much research is being done on how food and nutrients affect our health. The sad thing is that it can take 20 years before this knowledge becomes commonplace or used in medical practice. Mark Hyman, M.D.

I am greatly impressed by this doctor and his work. To read the entire article click on the link that follows… http://drhyman.com/the-overwhelming-evidence-of-the-healing-power-of-food-3324/?utm_source=Publicaster&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=drhyman%20newsletter%20issue%20#47&utm_content=Get+the+storyHappy Reading 🙂


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