Eons of Ions

It appears that when I’m healthy I spend a lot of time doing things other than writing…or even being on the computer much at all…..I’ve got to try and do better đŸ™‚

There are some very simple (and easy) things you can do to support your health, massage being my favorite đŸ˜‰ with drinking plenty of water being my second favorite…

Many of the things that make our lives easier (and faster) are often electronic (computers, televisions, radios, microwaves, video game thingys, etc.) and those electronic devices put positive ions into the air. I know! Positive sounds like a really good thing, doesn’t it? Well, in this instance it isn’t….

The added positive ions created by our highly electronic lifestyles create an imbalance between positive and negative ions. One of the easiest and most cost effective things we can do to help promote a healthier lifestyle is to balance the ions in our inside environments. The two cheapest ways to do that are:

1) running water – running water creates negative ions, which is why we get that calm close-your-eyes-for-a-moment-and breathe-deeply thing happening when we come across a stream or find ourselves standing on a beach…the water is moving, it is creating negative ions which balance (or counteract) the effects of the positive ions overload we carry with us. Many stores carry small waterfall machines that are often used as white noise machines…but they are far more useful than that.

2) Himalayan Salt lamps – another inexpensive way to create a negative ion counter balance in your home (or workspace)…small lamps are inexpensive and they have the added value of being easy on the eyes. The salt draws water molecules to it creating water movement which creates negative ions.  (I will have more salt lamps for sale next week)

Now you know two easy and inexpensive ways to create more negative ions in your environment which is a positive health step. If you have any other tried-and-true techniques for balancing the ion activity in the home, please feel free to share. đŸ™‚



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