Still in pain :(

Well, it’s Friday, the 5th day of September and my knees, hips and muscles still hurt a little…tonight will be 6 full days since I ate Taco Bell corn tortillas (made with wheat as one of the ingredients it turns out). Still noticeable inflamation around both knees and ankles and probably both hips as well since they both ache a little again/still.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I look forward to waking up tomorrow and, if everything goes as it has the last few weeks, I should be pretty much pain free again tomorrow. It continues to stun me how something I’ve eaten all my life has now become something that causes such intense pain.


It’s a little after 9 PM and I have to tell you that the pain has diminished significantly from earlier today. Excited to see how I feel in the morning….and how I’m going to feel come October 1 after 30 days wheat free.


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3 Responses to Still in pain :(

  1. Hi-I cannot seem to f’ing your blog specifically but am concluding a Gluten allergy or diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. I am a skilled and experienced Level ll Reiki Healer and would like to offer you a distance healing for your symptoms. Please contact me if you’re at all interested in Shifting Energy~Creating Synergy✨

    • Thank you for posting. I too, am a Reiki Healer and also an Ama~Deus level 1 healer as well as a massage therapist.
      I appreciate your offer, it is very generous. I have already ruled out a “gluten” allergy since it is only wheat that affects me, and within a very short time of consuming it. I am quickly coming to believe that Fibromyalgia is in truth, a wheat problem and not the mysterious disorder the medical community is claiming it is. But, again, thank you for your generous offer. Namaste.

    • Thank you for your kind offer. I, too, am a level 2 Reiki healer and a Level 1 Ama-Deus energy worker. It is definitely a wheat intolerance. Since giving up wheat, the pain has subsided greatly. It still kind of amazes me the damage wheat can do…and that it is still being touted as a “healthy whole grain” by our government and mainstream medical systems.

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