Day 14 – Wheat Free

Fourteen days without wheat…I never expected to be here.

However, I have to say the physical changes have been amazing. My level of muscle and joint pain has dropped drastically. I’m nearly 60, so the little pain that I still have may be from age…and then again, maybe it’ll disappear completely as I avoid wheat longer.

Significant reduction in pain. Better sleep. Longer sleep. No afternoon slump. Significant decrease in inflammation. Waistbands starting to get really loose…if this continues for another week, I’m going to be in trouble…nah…I’ll just get to break out a wardrobe I haven’t worn in a while 😉

Each week it gets easier to find tasty foods to eat, and my cravings for bread and pasta aren’t as bad as they were at the start of this adventure. My DIL loaned me her copy of “Wheat Belly” and even though I’m only a little way through the book, I am a believer in what Dr. William Davis has written because I’ve experienced it and am experiencing it still.

I have long been a fan of Mother Earth News, believing it to be a fairly sound journalistic endeavor…however, their discussion of this book was way off base. They quote several sources that claim there’s no evidence to support Dr. Davis’ findings. I beg to disagree with their take…I am in the process of experiencing exactly the things he discusses…and I was already in the process of going wheat free and learned of my intolerance to wheat by personal experience…so, if his “science” isn’t up to snuff…I don’t care…my story isn’t a “placebo effect” event…my pain was not imaginary, my journey to this point came before reading his book or hearing much about it.

I’m looking forward to finishing the book, I’ve joined his Facebook page and was welcomed by him(?) and other page members. I have found that several of my Facebook friends joined me in this adventure and it’s been fun to share our progress and recipes. Who knew? There seems to be a whole lot of people looking for answers to their health problems. Maybe it’s as simple and as complex as the food we eat. Could Hippocrates and other’s have been right all these years?


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