The Best Laid Plans…

Aahhh well….once again my plan to blog on a regular basis (such as weekly, if not daily) has gone awry. I don’t know why this is so hard for me to commit to… I don’t generally have a problem with commitment, after all, I’ve been married to the same man for over 40 years (and yes, we’re still waiting to see if this is going to work out) <insert grin here>

Well, this whole “wheat-free” adventure has been an eye-opening experience. When last I entered the wordpress domain, I was 14 days wheat free. That was a Saturday and on Tuesday I went to the doctor for an infected ingrown toenail šŸ˜¦ While there was some preliminary talk of having to remove the toenail (yikes!), it is still with me. Because there was infection, there needed to be some antibiotics run through my system before anything else could be done.

In case you don’t yet know this ( I didn’t)…some medicationsĀ contain wheat products. So, by day three on the antibiotics I was pretty certain they contained some sort of wheat. I went to the handy site recommended in Wheat BellyĀ www.glutenfreedrugs.comĀ and found out that my antibiotic was NOT on the list of those that are gluten/wheat free. šŸ˜¦ After considering my options, I decided not to go through all the hassle of changing the prescription…I’ve been eating wheat all my life, surely 7 more days with what must be a minute amount shouldn’t pose any serious problem. By day 7 of 10 I wished I had. Once again, my legs hurt horribly, every joint from hips to pinky toes ached constantly and the muscles in both legsĀ ached and had shooting pains running through them. Next time I need a prescription I will be printing out the list from gluten free drugs to take with me.

About a week or two after being wheat free again, I was at the frozen foods section of one of my local grocery stores (they have a gluten-free section right next to an organic section) and there at the bottom of the gluten free section were “Annie’s” frozen pizza’s, their selection of “Udi’s” was just cheese pizza-while Annie’s had tomato sauce with veggies and a delightful looking spinach-feta…well, long story short…while it wasĀ an organic pizza, it wasn’t a gluten free pizza. This just goes to show that my laziness in not reading the label because it was, after all, in the gluten free section of the freezer did not pay off. Either the stock person doesn’t realize the difference between the two or, as is my guess, grocery stores consider spaceĀ more important than customers.

So…after a little over two months….I am again wheat-free for 14 days….again.


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