Wait a minute…

At night the TV is usually on and while hubby watches I craft so it’s making background noise for me. Even when hubby goes to bed, the TV is generally left on while I craft…every-now-and-then something breaks through and grabs my attention. Last night, it was a commercial…I don’t know what it was for but it showed an older couple, sitting next to each other outside (on a bench maybe) and she’s talking about not knowing what she’d do without him, there’s something about a hospital stay, and he says, [Every muscle and joint in my body was in agony] (I’m paraphrasing because I can’t be sure I can accurately “quote” what I heard).

The first thought that hit me was “give up the wheat!” but then I had to stop and wonder if he got that advice at the hospital? And then I thought, “Wow! Other people actually go to the hospital for the way I’ve been feeling for months!” Wondering if I’m the odd one or if he’s the odd one could go on forever, so I decided to just let that go…Anyway…That got me thinking in several directions simultaneously and brought many questions to mind.

I don’t know how commercials come together, that couple could’ve been actors which leads me to wonder just how prevalent might this joint-and-muscle-pain be? Is there a specific age range it’s associated with? Is it possible that everyone has severe pain after they reach a saturation point? Or are certain professions more prone to this? Perhaps professions that don’t require a lot of physical movement? What are the diets of the people suffering these symptoms? Does everyone suffering this set of symptoms have a diet heavy in wheat? (My diet was very wheat heavy…my hubby, who is five years older, eats very little wheat and does not have the joint/muscle pain I did.) Are my hubby and I  typical? Is there anyone suffering these symptoms who doesn’t eat wheat?

I’m curious.

And I’m 14 days wheat-free (again) out of a possible two-and-a-half months.


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