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There are numerous home remedies that many of us grew up with, and there are home remedies that we didn’t hear about and wished we had. With the fast pace created by the Internet, Social Networking, Social Media, etc. I fear that many of these wonderful old home remedies may be lost as we move from books to digital media.

In an attempt to keep these alive I am hoping to post them to this blog. Whether their value is worthwhile or perhaps best as an example of what not to do remains to be seen. Please feel free to comment if you have personal experience, family experience etc. as their efficacy or detriment. Thanks.

Missing In Action

I’ve been away from WordPress for a long time now…maybe a year or more. It’s been a tough time. Along with work, the same financial stress as most American’s with our economy doing crazy things, not to mention all the … Continue reading

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Stinging Nettle Itch

It is rumored that rubbing a burdock leaf over an itchy, burning area that came in contact with stinging nettles, will relieve the itch/burn. I could’ve used this info many times several years ago. As with all the posts under … Continue reading

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1-11-2012 Old Home Remedies (O.H.R.) Nausea/Vomiting/Diahrhea

I’ve been thinking about what home remedies I’ve used over the years and remembered two “home remedies” my late M-i-L had me try during the first year of my marriage to her youngest son. These¬†were shared with me on two … Continue reading

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Home Remedies & Dr. Oz

Yesterday I was speaking with my faerieGodmother. telling her that I was hoping this blog would lead to people posting the “tried-and-true” home remedies that they and their families have always used. Many of those home remedies really work and … Continue reading

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