This weekend a friend told me that if you place the membrane of an egg on a boil, it helps the boil go away and keeps the skin from being damaged by the swelling. In case you’re not sure what the egg membrane is, crack an egg open, there is a thin, skin-like membrane between the shell and the egg…it is probably easiest to see it when you are peeling a hard-boiled egg. She didn’t stipulate if the egg was to be cooked or raw, so I will have to experiment a little and get back to you with that information.

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My Apologies

To anyone who has read or attempted to follow this blog, my apologies for not posting in a very long time. I was temporarily sidetracked by the nasty issue of horizontal hydraulic fracturing…if you want to see where I was and what I’ve been up to for the past few months, please feel free to visit:

thanks 😉

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To Live or Die in America

Please make it a point to see the upcoming documentary “Last Call at the Oasis” and take a look at the Sierra Club, a national group making a difference.

Water is essential to life. Our bodies can survive longer without food than water.

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Eons of Ions

It appears that when I’m healthy I spend a lot of time doing things other than writing…or even being on the computer much at all…..I’ve got to try and do better 🙂

There are some very simple (and easy) things you can do to support your health, massage being my favorite 😉 with drinking plenty of water being my second favorite…

Many of the things that make our lives easier (and faster) are often electronic (computers, televisions, radios, microwaves, video game thingys, etc.) and those electronic devices put positive ions into the air. I know! Positive sounds like a really good thing, doesn’t it? Well, in this instance it isn’t….

The added positive ions created by our highly electronic lifestyles create an imbalance between positive and negative ions. One of the easiest and most cost effective things we can do to help promote a healthier lifestyle is to balance the ions in our inside environments. The two cheapest ways to do that are:

1) running water – running water creates negative ions, which is why we get that calm close-your-eyes-for-a-moment-and breathe-deeply thing happening when we come across a stream or find ourselves standing on a beach…the water is moving, it is creating negative ions which balance (or counteract) the effects of the positive ions overload we carry with us. Many stores carry small waterfall machines that are often used as white noise machines…but they are far more useful than that.

2) Himalayan Salt lamps – another inexpensive way to create a negative ion counter balance in your home (or workspace)…small lamps are inexpensive and they have the added value of being easy on the eyes. The salt draws water molecules to it creating water movement which creates negative ions.  (I will have more salt lamps for sale next week)

Now you know two easy and inexpensive ways to create more negative ions in your environment which is a positive health step. If you have any other tried-and-true techniques for balancing the ion activity in the home, please feel free to share. 🙂


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“Normal”…what does THAT feel like?

Well, it appears that when I’m healthy, I get too busy to keep up with blogging….that’s not going to bet a large readership, is it 😉 At any rate, now that I’m healthy again, I’ve been cleaning out my emails (some 3000+ emails cleaned out this morning) and I’ve found some jewels hidden amongst the stuff I could part with…

The Overwhelming Evidence of the Healing Power of Food

THERE ARE NO STUDIES that prove the benefits of nutritional or integrative therapies … It’s a refrain that I hear time and time again. And I hear it from my colleagues. But they couldn’t be more wrong! They just have not done their homework — or perhaps they are reading the wrong medical journals. One of my favorite medical journals is the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” which every month publishes more than 300 pages of research with NO ADVERTISING. This is very unlike my other medical journals — such as the “Journal of the American Medical Association” or “The New England Journal of Medicine” — which have pages and pages of color glossy drug ads. So today, I thought I would take you on a journey through just one issue of the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” to see just how much research is being done on how food and nutrients affect our health. The sad thing is that it can take 20 years before this knowledge becomes commonplace or used in medical practice. Mark Hyman, M.D.

I am greatly impressed by this doctor and his work. To read the entire article click on the link that follows… Reading 🙂

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1/17/2012 – So Much Info

It seems like everyone and their brother (or sister) has something to say about what’s healthy and what isn’t. Having read a lot of books on the subject, I have to say, I may still have more questions than answers.

Those written by “M.D.”s seem to be the most accurate, I mean, after all, they went to medical school, right? But then there are also those in print that were written by someone who has been healed of some ailment (overweight, underweight, depression, anxiety, etc.) which makes it seem like if it worked for them it should work for me (or you)…right?

Well, that led me to ponder “how do we know what we know?” and “by what criteria do we accept that someone is ‘an expert‘?” I’ve answered those questions for myself, but thought perhaps anyone reading this might like to think about those same questions. After all, I’m usually pretty thorough, but I have to admit that I don’t check the credentials of many of the authors I read.

I have personally tried the information in several books over the past few years…those that were successful for me follow:

Reversing Heart Disease

I read this and the next book both to help my dad. The techniques and information are very similar. Both books are excellent and have enough differences to make them both worth reading.

Reversing Diabetes

Reversing Diabetes (by Whitaker not Ornish)


An excellent book. If you have limited knowledge about how your body really works, this book is for you. It isn’t graphic (like anatomy and physiology books so there’s no gross-out factor) but it has excellent descriptions that show you what you need to know about your own body.


Another valuable book with practical information.

I hope these few suggestions will lead you in a quest for further knowledge about how your body works. That in turn will lead you to make informed decisions on how you care for your body.


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1/16/2011- Boost Your Immune System

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Fights Infection
Does your immune system work overtime? If so, you might want to give it a boost by seeing a massage therapist or bodyworker trained in lymphatic drainage therapy. This technique can boost your immunity by increasing the production of antibodies, stimulating
circulation, moving congestion out of the body, and reducing swelling, especially after surgery.

The lymphatic system supports our body’s immune function and involves several organs, glands, and tissues, hundreds of lymph nodes, and a network of vessels. A clear lymph fluid
flows through these vessels and carries the metabolic waste (bacteria, dead cells, fats, fluids, proteins, and viruses) to the lymph nodes, where it is filtered. These nodes often swell when we are sick. The lymphatic drainage techniques used by massage therapists and bodyworkers gently stimulate lymph nodes, help correct swelling and stagnation in those nodes, reduce local fluid retention, boost the overall immune system, and provide relaxation. As an essential tool in the treatment of lymphedema (excess lymphatic fluid), this therapy is often applied postoperatively and can be especially beneficial for breast cancer patients.
Administering this treatment requires advanced training and is performed with gentle, massage-like strokes. There should be no discomfort involved; in fact, you may feel you are hardly being worked on at all.

After your lymphatic drainage treatment, it’s possible you could feel some mild, flu-like symptoms, depending on how much strain your body has been under prior to treatment.
This strain may be due to environmental pollutants, medication, and diet. Most people leave a session simply feeling relaxed, but if you don’t feel at the top of your game, drink plenty of water, limit your salt intake, and stay physically active.

Lymphatic drainage is one way to give your wellness a boost in a busy world that makes many demands on your immune system.

Article courtesy of ABMP.

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1/14/2012 – Ahh, healthy again

After 14 days of being sick, I am well again. Amazing how quickly the “crud” left. It really makes me wonder…how can you go to bed just being tired, wake up sick, be sick for the duration of…then all of a sudden, the clock ticks into the next minutes…and you feel yourself becoming well…it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Any thoughts?

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1-13-2012 Friday – yes, Friday the 13th!

Where did old saying about Friday the 13th being bad luck come from? This has always been a very lucky day for me. For instance, today I got snowfall (I love snow) and I got to have two of my grandchildren for the day (snow day). We had a great time together, I’m over my cold (see earlier posts) and it was just a good day all around.

That, however, brings me to the idea of adding a new “category” to this blog…..superstitions. I think I remember more of those than I do home remedies. So, to anyone who ends up here, reading my blog, please feel free to add –

– home remedies

– superstitions

Thanks, and of course, you can always comment on the health and massage posts too.

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1-12-2012 Can massage cure everything?

I’m starting to think massage can cure anything…

After being sick for 12 days and not doing a massage for almost two weeks, my finances were suffering…time to get back to work. My body ached from all the coughing and I know I really need a massage to help push the remaining toxins from my body but after about 29 minutes lying down I get a ten-twelve minute coughing jag going which doesn’t make for a relaxing experience. I can (now) avoid coughing by remaining upright sooo…time to book my first client.

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t have the strength to perform a one-hour massage and hoped I wouldn’t have a coughing spell if I got overheated while performing the massage. Well, the session actually went a little over 90 minutes (client is a massage professional I often trade with & she was fine with the time going over if I was up to it) and I made it with only one little cough near the end.

What amazed me (and I am a firm believer in the many benefits of massage) is that during the massage I actually felt myself grow stronger! I’m completely serious. As the massage progressed I could feel energy entering my body and the longer I worked the stronger I got. More and more energy entered and ran through me. By the end of the massage I felt great! I knew I was over the “crud” and back to normal.

When the client came out of the massage room, she said, “That was the best massage you’ve ever given me. No, actually, it’s the best massage I’ve ever gotten anywhere. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” And she gave me a big hug. Wow, those were words of high praise coming from a fellow professional whose had massages by many therapists. So…I think the healing energy that flowed into me during that session also flowed through her…and once again, I am reminded….

Never underestimate the healing power of massage.

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