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Still in pain :(

Well, it’s Friday, the 5th day of September and my knees, hips and muscles still hurt a little…tonight will be 6 full days since I ate Taco Bell corn tortillas (made with wheat as one of the ingredients it turns … Continue reading

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Fall is Here

Fall is here and that means cooler temps in the Northern Hemisphere….like the Michigan area…while it appears our desires tend toward warm beverages please remember that your body still needs plenty of fresh, clear water to flush those metabolic toxins … Continue reading

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1/17/2012 – So Much Info

It seems like everyone and their brother (or sister) has something to say about what’s healthy and what isn’t. Having read a lot of books on the subject, I have to say, I may still have more questions than answers. … Continue reading

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1-13-2012 Friday – yes, Friday the 13th!

Where did old saying about Friday the 13th being bad luck come from? This has always been a very lucky day for me. For instance, today I got snowfall (I love snow) and I got to have two of my … Continue reading

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Day 7 (missed day 6…)

Good thing I’m working to overcome my perfectionistic tendencies since I managed to already miss a whole day. 🙂 Day 10 of my being sick and I actually slept all night last night…still have some residual coughing, but nothing like … Continue reading

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Home Remedies & Dr. Oz

Yesterday I was speaking with my faerieGodmother. telling her that I was hoping this blog would lead to people posting the “tried-and-true” home remedies that they and their families have always used. Many of those home remedies really work and … Continue reading

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